Painful dental conditions have historically been under-diagnosed and under-treated in our pets. Our goal at Valley Verde Veterinarians is to give your pet a healthy and pain-free mouth.

Our initial plan for your pet’s dental health begins with an exam at their annual Wellness visit. At this time we will discuss the status of your pet’s dental health and our recommendations for treatment or management.

A professional dental cleaning under general anesthesia is often recommended to clean your pet’s teeth and perform any treatments that may be needed. At this time all teeth are scaled and polished and each tooth is examined by the veterinarian. Dental radiographs are also necessary because much of the disease in our pet’s mouth lies under the gum line. Once the entire mouth has been assessed, any periodontal treatments or oral surgery are then performed. Local anesthetic nerve blocks are used in the mouth to decrease the amount of general anesthesia needed, and your pet is sent home with additional pain control.