Saying Goodbye

As a veterinarian, I often guide clients through the difficult assessment of their pet’s quality of life and decision to end their pet’s suffering. I often am told by friends and clients that this must be the most difficult part of my job. While euthanasia of a beloved patient is often heart breaking, I do usually see this act as a gift that I am able to provide. Our pets often suffer in silence at the end of life and by ending that suffering, we can give them one final token of our love.
Our staff at Valley Verde Veterinarians recently had to make this very difficult decision for our own beloved cat, Missy Moo. She made our clinic her home for 7 years and was such an important part of our staff. At almost 20 years old, she was finally in too much pain and distress to go on further. Her departure was heart breaking for us all, but our staff was so thankful for the outpouring of support from many of our clients with cards, gifts and emails.
In the veterinary profession, we are often placed in the role of counseling our clients make the right decision for both their pets and themselves. We strive to be sympathetic to the situation that owners are placed in and the difficult decisions that they are forced to make. We are thankful to all our clients for letting us help you in all of your pet’s care.

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